Situations That Cause Notaries the Most Anxiety

ONE OF OUR ROLES AT THE NNA is to provide Notaries across the country with an opportunity to learn from their peers. One of the ways we do that is by bringing up discussion topics that affect us all. We encourage everyone to share their frustrations and to learn from one another on how to make the best of these situations. Learn from your peers at

Sonita Leak, Greenville, SC: “Printing was my biggest obstacle in learning the ropes. Quite surprisingly, the documents and what was printed on the material itself was easier than knowing what to do when I had a paper jam at page 187!”

Lori Mehrer, Cottonwood, CA: “Dealing with arguing parties.” Rhonda Anthony, Pasadena, CA: “Signing services that refuse to take “No” for an answer by dropping work in your inbox regardless of your inability to accommodate them.”

Johanna Bermann, Farmington Hills, MI: “Late documents are far and away the number one issue. When we are given little or no time to familiarize ourselves with the package it only increases the chance that something will go wrong. Getting docs ahead of time means smoother signings and happier borrowers (and Notaries).”

Judith Brett, Newport News, VA: “Trying to drive with a cell phone ringing when I tell people I don’t drive and talk on the phone.”

Ilene Anderson Janecek, Ault, CO: “Title companies calling me when I’m doing a closing. I’m giving the client my full attention and don’t like to answer the phone. I feel it’s disrespectful to them.”

Alison Marie, Seattle, WA: “I became a Signing Agent earlier this year, and I find that my biggest challenge is knowing what to charge and how to get those figures.”

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