Notary’s Journal Key Evidence in High-Profile Trial

THE JOURNAL KEPT BY A NOTARY working in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office provided key evidence that helped convict her boss of perjury and several other charges.

Kathleen Kane, who was elected Pennsylvania’s Attorney General in 2012, was convicted in August of nine counts of perjury, conspiracy and other charges, according to media reports.

Prosecutors claimed that Kane leaked information to the media about a 2009 grand jury investigation in an attempt to retaliate against a political rival, and then tried to cover it up.

Notary Wanda Scheib, a long-time administrative assistant in the Attorney General’s office, became involved when Kane testified before a grand jury in 2014 that she never signed secrecy oaths that required her to keep confidential information about state grand jury investigations.

Scheib had notarized Kane’s secrecy oaths and duly recorded them in her journal, which she kept locked in a filing cabinet in her office.

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