Community Sound-Off: Safe Signing Locations

A MICHIGAN NOTARY reached out to the NSA group on LinkedIn asking for advice on what is the best and safest way to meet up with signers. Notaries provided many different scenarios. I have been a Notary for 25+ years. I do many different jobs as a Notary Public. I always meet the people where they choose. Most people want to meet at their home. Some people want to meet at the library, a restaurant, coffee house, a diner or wherever they are comfortable. Marion McGrath, Bayville, NJ It is now and has been for many, many years a standard practice for
the Notary Public, as an extension of the settlement agent or sender’s superior customer service program, to meet the signing parties at a place convenient to them. I do not see this changing anytime soon. I do understand your concern for personal safety and this is a topic that many signing agents do not take seriously enough. David Shean, Pasadena, CA I meet my clients in a public place. A bit safer. Rhonda Cox, Bessemer, AL All mine are at borrowers’ homes. My husband normally is in my car a few minutes from the house (Starbucks or parked on
street). If not, he knows the address where I am and time of appointment so he knows I will call him when I am finished also. Kristina Darling, Tracy, CA I usually sign in people’s homes and call my husband before I go in and again when I return to my car. Since the escrow company and lender have all the personal information of the clients, I feel pretty safe. Keep in mind, no matter where you are, you still need to be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut. Always stay safe! Linda Spain, Hansville, WA Community Sound-Off: Safe Signing Locations

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