NSA Tips for Getting More Assignments

WHAT CAN SIGNING AGENTS do to boost their reputation and motivate companies to offer them more assignments? Aaron King, CEO of Snapdocs, offers these five tips: 1. Arrive on time — or, better yet, show up to the closing a few minutes early. If you are running late, be sure to communicate that to the borrower. 2. Help keep the borrower informed, as appropriate. If you are called upon to act as a messenger between the borrower and the lender, title company, or
signing service, clearly communicate all information that needs to be relayed. And, if there is a change to the signing, alert the borrower immediately (if you provide the borrower with an update before their mortgage company does, even better). 3. Dress professionally. Your first impression is your only impression with mobile closings, and presenting yourself well helps to earn borrowers’ trust and confidence in you. 4. Come prepared and organized with all of the loan
paperwork. Be knowledgeable about the forms the buyer will be signing so you can competently answer any questions during the closing, easing the anxiety of uncertainty. 5. Be friendly, courteous and patient. Borrowers don’t want to feel rushed, and each borrower will move through the closing at their own pace — some may have more questions than others. Also, have patience with less-than-ideal situations, such as locations with lots of distractions (pets, kids, etc.).

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