OVER THE YEARS, THE NOTARY SIGNING AGENT INDUSTRY has changed tremendously. We have seen lender and title company requirements increase the frequency of background screening and training. We have seen major fluctuations in the market that prompt NSAs to diversify their offerings. And some states have added more regulations such as requiring Notaries to obtain a Title Producer’s license to conduct real estate closings.

These constant changes are a burden but necessary, so it makes sense for you to change as well and expand your business to include general Notary work. General Notary work is often overlooked by NSAs, but many are now returning to their bread-and-butter roots to keep the revenue flowing. The advantages include: • Building a deeper relationship with your clients • Diversifying your business • Filling a growing need in the community • Increasing profits by lowering overhead costs • Getting paid right away Journalist and author George H. Lorimer once said, “You’ve got to wake up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” In that spirit, I’ve found five quick and easy strategies that get me more general Notary work: Supercharge Your Notary Profile on Sites Like SigningAgent.com If you are actively looking for general Notary work, you must put yourself in the shoes of
your potential clients and ask yourself, “Would I hire me?” Review your various profile listings and check: • Have you updated your profile in the last 90 days? • Do you have a professional picture on the site? • Is your full suite of Notary services current? • Are all your professional memberships and affiliations listed? • Do you list all recent conferences, trainings, or workshops you’ve attended? Develop a Winning Marketing Plan To develop your plan, seek out trends in your industry, look for “gaps” where your services might be in demand, and examine your messaging and business presence to identify any changes you need to make to increase general assignments. Your plan should clearly define several specific goals and strategies including your: • Target Market (Who is going to buy from you?) • Positioning Statement/Messaging (The statement that differentiates you from the competition) • Offerings (What products, services, or combined service packages will you offer customers?) • Price Strategy (What will you charge considering the quality of your customer service and the competition?) • Sales Strategy (How much business do you want to do?)
• Promotion Strategy (What campaigns will you implement to reach your potential customers? [i.e. website, social media, business cards, pamphlets, personal appearances]) Notary businesses with a holistic and dynamic marketing plan can dramatically increase their rate of success. Develop a Professional Presence Opportunity is everywhere, and just about everyone you encounter or pass on the street can be a potential customer. It’s essential to maintain a professional presence and appearance all the time and in all your business and personal transactions. That can translate directly into thousands of dollars a year in business. And when you do a good job for those customers, you’ll get even more new business through word of mouth referrals and Yelp! reviews. Establishing and maintaining a professional presence manifests itself in two specific forms: Physical and digital. The physical “you” directly interacts with potential clients and customers. The digital “you” is the presence potential
clients and customers find online, through search engines, websites, social media and professional listings. The first impression you make usually will be digital, as most people use the internet when looking to solve a problem, or find a quality product or service. In preparing your personal and digital presence, answer the following questions and take action: • What would a potential client find if they were to do a search on my name or my business? • Would they want to invite me to handle transactions? • Would that client feel safe with me coming to their home or office? • Do I portray a sense of efficiency and professionalism? Make Money Where You Spend It This is a strategy that many Notaries underestimate. It means that wherever you spend your money (i.e. restaurants, post offices, banks, office supply stores, etc.), be sure to leave your business cards or other marketing materials for other customers to see. Restaurants and post offices
You’ve got to wake up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.
No one can prevent all forms of identity theft. †Network does not cover all transactions. ‡ The benefi ts under the Service Guarantee are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by State National Insurance Company. Under the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to hire experts to help your recovery. As this is only a summary please see the actual policy for applicable terms and restrictions at LifeLock.com/legal *A t the end of the no-cost 30-day trial period, your card will be billed automatically ($8.99mo/$98.90yr for LifeLock Standard™ service or $17.99mo/$197.70yr for LifeLock Advantage™ service or $26.99mo/$296.90yr for LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ service. All pricing excludes applicable sales tax.) You can cancel any time without penalty by calling 1-800-LifeLock. Offer is for new LifeLock members only.
It Wasn’t Me
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POLICE REPORT Victim: Stanley Bupkis Crime: Tax-Related Identity Theft Status: Married, Home Owner, Two Kids, Never Shreds Personal Documents. Perpetrated Crime: • Stanley’s Social Security number stolen from documents tossed into home garbage. • False tax return submitted in Stanley’s name claiming a $4,800 refund. Resulting Impact: • Spending months trying to resolve his stolen identity claim with the IRS. • Stanley is not $4,800 richer. • Mother won’t return calls because he has disgraced the family name.
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*Event and character represent a fi ctitious portrayal.
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especially like receiving pens with your company’s name and contact information. I have personally received hundreds of referrals from marketing materials I left
with businesses. Other questions you should address: • What can I do to provide my services to this business where we both can benefit?
• How can I develop a deeper relationship with people I spend my money with and create a customer out of them? • Am I leveraging my community relationships properly? Develop a Social Media Presence A social media presence is essential to gaining general Notary work. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a well-designed website can pay significant dividends. A well-developed social media campaign can increase brand recognition and improve
customer loyalty. Having a social media presence also increases traffic to your website while cutting your overall marketing cost. According to HubSpot, 95 percent of marketers who use social media at least six hours per week indicated their social media efforts increased exposure for their business. This time spent on social media campaigns will lead to an increase in general Notary assignments which equates to a more profitable Notary business. Being a Notary entrepreneur in today’s competitive environment is challenging. So when building your own strategy to increase your general Notary work, do not fall into the trap of being overly complicated. Just start with a solid, yet simple and achievable plan. Then work your plan. The results will surprise you.

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